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dayGraphica 36

Excellent print quality combined with durability

The dayGraphica 36 is the ideal blanket for high usage applications and where controlling costs are a major factor. High solvent resistance and smooth surface finish ensure high quality reproduction across a wide range of substrates. The thicker compressible layer ensures uniform print pressure in a wide range of press configurations and across all format sizes. The enhanced fabric carcass construction ensures that the dayGraphica 36 survives all but the worst cases of smash damage. The ability to recover from severe over pressure situations means fewer stops for blanket changes and reduced downtime costs further enhances this product’s value for money status.

Like all dayGraphica blankets, the fine gold line found on the backing is your assurance that you are putting one of the world’s finest printing products to work for you. Experience the performance-value advantages of the dayGraphica 36.

High quality carcass.Provides exceptional gauge stability. Basis for long life and
quality printability.
Closed cell compressible layer.

Promotes even printing pressure across entire blanket surface. Excellent smash resistance and rebound characteristics.

Highly ground surface.Excellent gauge uniformity and surface texture. Superior ink
transfer while maximising release characteristics.


Colour: Blue
Surface: Ground
Thickness: 1.95mm, 1.70mm
Hardness: 78° Shore A
Compressibility: 0.17mm @ 1060 kpa Typical
                          0.22mm @ 2060 kpa Typical
Elongation: <0.70% @ 10 N/mm
Tensile Strength: >60 N/mm
Face Compound: Solvent resistant rubber

Optimise your on-press performance

Over the years, Day’s printing technologists and pressroom chemists have learned the dynamics between printing blankets and pressroom chemicals play a vital role in on-press performance and profitability. And they’ve learned how to analyse these dynamics to help printers resolve problems and optimise their printing results.

Day’s laboratory experts, technical support team and sales consultants work together with printers to
recommend the right combination of pressroom chemicals and printing blankets to achieve optimum
performance. A consultative service offered only by Day International.

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