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     Cumartesi, 15 Aralık 2018
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The digital halftone proof – more than a contract proof
In platesetting, parameters like screen, overprinting and trapping settings, as well as correction curves, have a decisive influence on the subsequent printed result. Should problems occur at this point, such as an unfavorable screen angle, incorrect trapping or overprinting settings, and also interpretation errors, this can only be detected at an early stage by means of a halftone proof created with the original imagesetter data. A halftone proof is also indispensable for printing processes using coarse screening, since this has a major influence on the visual impression.

Your advantages with GMG DotProof at a glance:
The GMG DotProof module is an optional extension for GMG ColorProof. It allows direct processing of 1-bit imagesetter data, so that they can be inexpensively proofed on inkjet printers, and errors detected before the platesetting operation or even the start of printing. Agencies, publishing houses and print buyers can use GMG RipServer to create 1-bit data themselves, enabling advance simulation of the subsequent screen effect.

Color-accurate halftone proof
Unlike many competitor products, GMG DotProof produces a genuine, color-accurate halftone proof of contract-proof quality. The special feature is that color management and mapping of the screen dots take place in parallel in two separate processes. The proof print is based on the 1-bit data of the imagesetter RIP or GMG RipServer, which contain the information on the screen dots with the respective angle, screen ruling and dot shape.

Rapid, automated data processing
Since the 1-bit data contain no color information, the individual color separations are analyzed in the DotProof system and combined accordingly. GMG DotProof uses special algorithms, developed by GMG, to convert the screen data to the inkjet resolution. This process is performed on-the-fly during output, together with GMG color management. Along with the color information, this yields a perfect, coloraccurate contract proof with dot-for-dot reproduction on halftone screens up to 200 lpi, depending on the output device used.

Simple integration in existing workflows
GMG DotProof can easily be integrated in all relevant workflows. Sophisticated tools are available for this purpose, such as automatic, user-defined rules for the detection of color separations or the naming of output files.

Simulation of tone reproduction curves and dot gains
Only GMG DotProof permits simulation of the individual tone reproduction curves and dot gains of a wide variety of different presses at the proofing stage.

Optimized processes save time and money
A halftone proof saves time and money otherwise expended on incorrectly exposed plates, imperfect prints and paper waste. A true ROOM concept (Rip Once, Output Many) is realized if the original imagesetter data are used. As a result, internal processes are optimized and synergistic effects created, since once-only data processing in the imagesetter RIP means that the processes are more tightly networked and throughput is increased. This has a direct influence on profitability.

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