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     Cumartesi, 15 Aralık 2018
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The complete proofing solution for the toughest quality demands
With GMG ColorProof version 4.5 you've the following advantages at a glance:

The complete package

  • GMG RipServer with Adobe Print Engine technology for processing PS and PDF files, fully compatible with PDF/X-1 and X-3.
  • GMG ColorProof for calibration, control of color management and print output, combined-form function for reducing paper consumption, diverse image processing options, job and data management.
  • GMG ProfileEditor for creating/editing color profiles and printer calibrations, comprehensive measuring function, selective and global correction options for visual fine-tuning of color profiles.
  • GMG SpotColor Editor for creating/editing spot colors, including the HKS, Pantone Formula Guide/Goe and DIC ColorGuide spot color databases.

Higher productivity and efficiency with the Adobe PDF Print Engine technology
GMG RipServer processes native PDF files without the detour via conversion into a PostScript file. The new speed-optimized technology leads to a higher output consistency and quality as well as an excellent RIP stability. This ensures an integrative workflow, higher productivity and greater cost efficiency.

  • Full compatibility with Adobe products: GMG ColorProof produces precisely the same results as displayed in Adobe Acrobat and the Adobe Creative Suite 2 and 3
  • Time savings due to intuitive user interface: A clear software structure makes
    handling easier and more efficient. In addition, a help function and tool tips has been integrated.
  • Production reliability: enhanced font handling, optimized transparency handling, better support of PDF files up to Version 1.6 and PDF/X.

Rapid start-up
After installing the software, all you have to do is calibrate your printer with the help of the GMG CalibrationWizard. The calibrations for GMG proofing media are included in the scope of supply. If you proof according to industry standards, you can start proof production immediately using the color profiles supplied for ISO Offset, ISO Newspaper, PSR Gravure (ECI), SWOP and GRACoL. Time-consuming creation of your own color profiles is unnecessary. The control strips for quality assurance are also integrated in the software, e.g. Fogra Media Wedge, 3DAP Wedge, SWOP & GRACoL Control Strip.

Remote proofing and DeviceLink technology
The GMG concept of "separation of calibration and profiling" makes it possible to obtain virtually identical color results on a printer family – an indispensable prerequisite for remote proofing. Benefit from GMG's many years of experience with DeviceLink profiles. They are tested exhaustively by the GMG specialists, visually optimized, and deliver convincing color results. Needless to say, (multicolor) ICC profiles are also supported. For photo printing applications, you can use the GMG Photoproof profiles to get the maximum out of your printer when outputting RGB data, making for particularly brilliant prints.

Even more exact print simulation
With the new sharpening function and Missing Dot Simulation during proof printing, you can get an even more realistic impression of the subsequent printed result. Spot colors are processed automatically and can optionally be output with printer calibration – up to 64 channels in one image.

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