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Q. I. Press Control  



Standardization at a click of the mouse
With PrintControl, GMG offers a reasonable and very easy-to-use solution for effective process control and a maximum of production security to printers by means of standardization. The user-friendly software allows for standardizing printing presses easily and for actually achieving predictable printing results. The user is led intuitively through the processes that are necessary to establish optimal and repeatable printing conditions.

Functions and advantages at a glance

Supported standards

  • The international standards ISO 12647-2 and 12647-3 are supported automatically.
  • With the ProfileEditor user-defined in-house standards can be created. Colorimetric values for primaries, secondaries and paper can be specified, as well as tone value increase with tolerances.

Detailed documentation for quickly localizing sources of error
Every production step is documented in a detailed report. All key parameters, such as CtP curve, optimum printing density, trapping, tone value increase, gray balance and gamut, are analyzed and graphically represented. Like this, problems and sources of error can be easily and quickly localized and eliminated.

Determination of the optimum printing density
You can very easily analyze and evaluate inking series in order to get process colors as close as possible to the target values of ISO. The optimum printing density is shown in both graphic and numerical form.

Colorimetric check of primary and secondary colors
An easy-to-read screen displays color deviations occurring in the primary and secondary colors compared to ISO or in-house standard values.

CTP correction curves and tone value increase
For process control you can measure the plates in order to ensure that the values set in the CtP RIP are the same as the actual images on the plate. GMG PrintControl compares the actual tone value increase with the optimal reference values and automatically calculates the CtP compensation curves. 

Analysis of the gray balance
GMG PrintControl evaluates the deviations of the gray balance in quarter, half and three-quarter tones graphically and numerically.

Verification of control strips with GMG RapidCheck for daily quality assurance
A single measuring procedure is all it takes to verify the control strips in an instant with the additional tool GMG RapidCheck. Thus the compliance of all printing parameters with the required printing standard is ensured. In the event of deviations, corrections can be made immediately with GMG PrintControl.

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