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     Pazar, 16 Aralık 2018
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Cost savings due to fully automatic ink reduction

Print houses are facing a constant increase in the pressure of costs and deadlines. Consequently, stabilization of the printing process and cost savings are important issues to remain competitive in the marketplace. GMG InkOptimizer meets precisely these requirements.

How? – Quite simply by means of fully automatic ink reduction

Using sophisticated ink reduction algorithms, a DeviceLink transformation (CMYK-to-CMYK) is applied to individual images or complete pages. In contrast to ICC solutions the integrity of the black channel is preserved. The quantity of CMY inks used is reduced, and the proportion of black ink simultaneously increased, while maintaining an identical color impression.

Your advantages at a glance

A more stable gray balance stabilizes the printing process
Ink reduction stabilizes the gray balance. It achieves consistent color behaviour in the gray areas and in the tertiary colors, such as brown and olive shades. The smaller color variations during printing lead to simpler and more stable production printing.

Significant quality improvement
Print quality is enhanced in that

  • the separations are harmonized
  • color variations are reduced
  • the contrast and the image definition in the shadows are improved
  • incorrect GCR/UCR settings are corrected
  • repeat jobs can be reproduced better

Significant cost savings
The efficiency of your printshop is enhanced substantially due to

  • improved printing properties
  • faster makeready
  • longer production time
  • shorter drying time
  • less waste
  • up to 25% savings on ink depending on the printing process and the substrate!


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