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     Pazar, 16 Aralık 2018
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 Reliable as clockwork

Whether your business is packaging or commercial printing, this modern medium-format press is ideally suited for swift and cost-effective production. 

Double-size impression cylinders and transfer drums have always been trademarks of the KBA Rapida 105. The resultant low-curvature sheet travel permits the processing of an incredibly broad range of substrates. With up to seven printing units, you are in a position to accommodate practically every customer wish. And additional finishing highlights can be set with the proven anilox coating unit. 
There are also no compromises to make when it comes to automation. You select which features are to be included in the press configuration. From program and format preselection at the console to fully automatic plate changing – the decision is yours.

Fast job changeovers and ultimate print quality are your guaranteed result. Your customers will be thrilled! 

The KBA Rapida 105 – as reliable as clockwork. [ Return Head ]

One for all 
Commercial and book printing? Packaging? Special applications? The KBA Rapida 105 is your ideal means of production for almost every field of business. A comprehensive range of accessory packages enables you to match the press configuration precisely to your individual portfolio.You are thus never limited to just standard work, but can handle also production requiring

  • the printing of heavy board
  • direct printing on corrugated materials
  • the printing of films and plastic substrates
  • lightweight papers and label printing
  • UV inks and coating or
  • inline finishing with hybrid effects

to name just a few of the possibilities.

Do you tend to print long runs, or do smaller jobs predominate? With corresponding equipment and automation modules, you can tailor a truly individual KBA Rapida 105. Non-stop pile-changing for the feeder and delivery, automatic plate changing, plinths and raised foundations, or various washing systems – just let your imagination loose. 

You are already printing with other medium-format Rapida presses? Or with equipment from other manufacturers? In most cases, the plate format on your new Rapida 105 can be adjusted to that of your existing presses. You can then work with just one size of plates, and your production scheduling remains flexible right up to the last moment.

The intelligent and proven concept of the KBA Rapida 105 cannot fail to convince. [ Return Head ]

Up-to-date automatioN

The KBA Rapida 105 is a medium-format press fully abreast of the latest technology developments. Its control is based on the Windows operating system. That sounds quite simple to the average computer user. And so it should – but it is still not standard everywhere. For our press, it stands for reliability and continuity in the operating concept. And that not just today, but also tomorrow and for many years to come.

Almost all the usual automation components for sheetfed offset presses are available for the KBA Rapida 105. And often much more besides: Our DriveTronic Feeder, for example, with its four dedicated electronic drives. Continual stoppages at the feeder? Not here! Every sheet is handled with kid gloves – whether flimsy lightweight paper or obstinately rigid board.

Supplementing the clearly arranged menus of the ErgoTronic console, local display panels provide an immediate status overview. Automatic washing systems are available for the ink rollers, blankets and impression cylinders. Semi- or fully automatic plate changing? You decide. Modern cooling and temperature control systems, customised antistatic functions and many other valuable options round off the equipment of the press. And the best thing about all this: The faster makeready times will benefit both you and your customers.

But what about design? Impressive! Your new KBA Rapida 105 is not just the efficient heart of your press hall, but also a real eye-catcher.

... and no doubt irresistible for your customers, too! [ Return Head ]

Slim-line sheet travel 
Slim-line sheet travel – that is the guarantee given by double-size impression cylinders and transfer drums. The unit-based press design was actually invented in Radebeul. That was back in 1965. And in the meantime? Almost all the others have followed suit. But the original, and consequently the most experience, is still to be found in sheetfed offset presses from KBA. 

The substructure of the KBA Rapida 105 stands solid as a rock. The printing unit frame is cast in a single piece. The result is unbelievable strength and torsional rigidity. Play-free cylinder bearings ensure absolute printing precision. And sheet transfers? No worries whatsoever thanks to our universal gripper systems.

Manual settings – not at KBA.

What are the benefits of this design? An almost unbelievable substrate flexibility. When equipped with board-handling accessories, the KBA Rapida 105 processes stocks up to a thickness of 1.2 mm. For the direct printing of corrugated board, the relevant figure is even an amazing 1.6 mm! The sheets are subject to a minimum of bending. Whether thick or thin, they simply “float” contact- and scratch-free through the press. 

A single basic concept for commercial and packaging printers alike – you have our word on that. [ Return Head ]

Quality without compromise

Ultimate manufacturing precision forms the basis for high print quality. It is not least for this reason that KBA pays such close attention to quality. The gears, cylinders and many other components of the KBA Rapida 105 are manufactured with tolerances of just a few micrometres. The same devotion to detail which goes into a luxury watch. You are the one to benefit from such accuracy – and your customers, too, of course! With stunning print results.

In a hurry to get production started, but the best possible quality is just as important? The KBA Rapida 105 possesses all the necessary components to speed up your operations. These include, for example, the job memory of the ErgoTronic console, which takes care of repeat jobs with ease. Or ACR Control, our video register tool, for precise and immediate register adjustment. Making sure that everything fits perfectly. 

But print quality must also be measurable and reproducible. To this end, we offer a tailored solution for every situation. With the DensiTronic system, density measurement and control is performed directly on the console. The control recommendations are simply transferred to the press at the push of a button. 

DensiTronic professional, with its separate inspection desk, combines density and colour control – and provides also a direct link-up to pre-press.

The Rapida 105 – with convincing solutions for the finest print quality. [ Return Head ]

Lustrous finishes 
You want to impress your customers with shining creations? Then a KBA Rapida 105 with coating tower is just the press you have been looking for. Gloss and matt effects, all-over and spot finishes, dispersion or UV varnishes – there is almost no limit to the possibilities. The press is also well prepared to implement the hybrid technology developed by KBA itself. Give your creativity free rein, and capture the emotions of your customers with sophisticated, but nevertheless favourably priced printed products.

The combination of anilox roller and chamber blade has established itself worldwide as the ideal coating technology. No-one could imagine being without it nowadays. And we are convinced that it is also the correct choice to answer your needs. Handling is both simple and reliable. The lightweight anilox rollers can be exchanged in next to no time if you need to vary the coating thickness. Forme changes are similarly a matter of seconds. Switching between different types of coating? Optional supply and cleaning systems keep everything as simple as possible.

Coating without drying – unthinkable. Our dryer concept comprises a range of hot-air and infrared dryers for installation in the delivery and delivery extension. The KBA Rapida 105 is also ideally equipped to handle UV and hybrid applications. Corresponding dryer modules can be fitted either in the delivery or as interdeck units.

You can thus promise your customers not only perfect print, but also refined finishing. [ Return Head ]

Digital networking 
In print production, too, the advance of digital processes is unstoppable. And the pace is becoming ever faster. Without JDF networking to pre-press, the automatic presetting functions of the KBA Rapida 105 would be unthinkable. And without the production management system LogoTronic, there would be no consistent printshop workflow. The “basic” version already establishes the link between press and pre-press. Including a continuous job log – if that is what you need. 

You would like a more detailed view of your production processes? The “professional” version of LogoTronic offers you just that, smoothing the task of job scheduling and optimisation. Not only for Rapida presses, but also for those of most other manufacturers. One mouse-click and PressWatch informs you on the status of the current production, while SpeedWatch documents all process-relevant events from the KBA Rapida 105. With this duo, you definitely have everything under control. Post-production accounting practically takes care of itself.

But this is still not all: Job profiles can be saved on the console and recalled for repeat jobs. And with the facility for Internet-based remote maintenance, we are always on hand should you need our assistance.

A cloudy dream just a few years ago, but today reality – transparency from order receipt right through to dispatch. [ Return Head ]

Ecology counts 
Everyone is talking about environment protection. But we at KBA are not just talking, we are also acting. 
For a long time now, KBA has spearheaded developments for ecological printing. For example as the first press manufacturer in the world to subject its products to intensive testing in this respect. The first Rapida presses were already awarded the eco-certificate “Emission-tested” in 2000.

The certificate confirms compliance with a variety of branch-specific emission thresholds. The defined limits correspond at least to those laid down in international standards, but are in some categories considerably stricter. The eco-certificate is thus recognised as binding also outside Germany. In the meantime, all the different Rapida presses have been tested: For printing with conventional, hybrid and UV inks, for dispersion and UV coatings, and for paper and board.

Visit us at our factory! And see for yourself that responsibility for the environment is more than just ecological printing. We are doing all we can to reduce emissions already during manufacturing of the press.

Would you also like to do something for the environment? Through careful management of hazardous substances, and by choosing ecologically compatible process media, you can make an equally valuable contribution to resource protection and a sustainable environment.

The synthesis of ecology and economy – we are working to make it happen. [ Return Head ]

Sheet format: 


Maximum (standard/special version)720 x 1,050 / 740 x 1,050 mm
Minimum (standard/special version)360 x 520 / 350 x 500 mm



Print format: 


Standard/special version710 x 1,040 / 730 x 1,040 mm



Substrates: (*)


Standard0.06 - 0.5 mm
with lightweight equipment0.04 mm
with board-handling1.2 mm
with corrugated equipment1.6 mm



Production speed: (**)


Maximum, depending on configuration (speed-enhancement package)15,000 (16,500) sheets/h



Pile height: (***)


Feeder1,300 mm
Delivery1,200 mm



Plate and blanket dimensions: 


Plate size795 x 1,050 mm
Copy line (standard/special version)50 / 36 mm
Blanket size860 x 1,060 mm
(*) Printability is also influenced decisively by the flexural rigidity of the substrate
(**) Dependent on individual processing parameters, e.g. the inks and substrates used
(***) From floor / without non-stop operation
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